Measuring up!

Measuring Up! is a free, step-by-step self-assessment tool that allows you to review and improve your organisation’s impact practice – that is, the way you plan, evidence, communicate and learn from the difference that your work makes.

There are three online versions of the assessment available. If you’d like to assess your impact practice with Measuring Up! click on the most appropriate version and register. You will be able to save your answers, log back in and track your progress.

  • Measuring Up! for small organisations (those with an income of £0-£100,000 or newer to impact practice)
  • Measuring Up! for medium to large organisations (those with an income of £100,000+ or more experienced in impact practice)
  • Measuring Up! for funders

You can download a preview of the tool and guidance here. Many organisations have taken part in the development of Measuring Up! and we would like to thank them and acknowledge their invaluable feedback. A list of the organisations involved in developing this self-assessment tool can be found here.

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