Our strands of work

The Inspiring Impact programme has five strands of work which contribute to high quality impact measurement in the charity sector. Different organisations within the Inspiring Impact collaboration lead each strand with resources, activities and support for the sector.

Impact leadership

Leaders in the sector have a critical role to embed an impact approach throughout their work. Our work on impact leadership helps charities and social enterprises identify what good impact practice looks like and take steps to improve their practice. This work is led by NCVO Charities Evaluation Services and supported by Evaluation Support Scotland.

The Code of Good Impact Practice provides guidance for organisations to improve their impact practice. It was developed through sector-wide public consultation, and charities and social enterprises can show their support for the code.

Coordinating support

Inspiring Impact’s work under the coordinating support theme helps charities and social enterprises understand the support they need, and how best to improve their impact practice. This work is led by NCVO Charities Evaluation Services.

We know that organisations may not always know where to start with their impact practice. Measuring Up! is a free easy-to-use diagnostic tool that enables charities, social enterprises and funders to identify what they need to do to improve their impact practice. It includes questions to assess current practice and suggests next steps for improvement.

Data, tools and systems

Charities, social enterprises and funders need data, tools and systems to understand their impact. Inspiring Impact aims to help the sector access, review and use the best quality data, tools and systems. This strand of work is led by Substance.

We know that good quality impact measurement can be hampered by a lack of knowledge about which tools to use, so we have curated the Resource Hub. It is an online repository of surveys, data platforms, guidance and services to help organisations find the data, tools and systems they need.

Shared measurement

Inspiring Impact’s work on shared measurement supports organisations working in the same field to develop common outcomes and measurement tools, as well as to share methods, results and lessons. This work is led by New Philanthropy Capital.

Our guidance and support on shared measurement includes the Blueprint for shared measurement which outlines the benefits of the approach and more recently the Future of shared measurement which reviews developments in the field.

Funders, commissioners and investors

Funders, commissioners and investors can provide incentives to grantees and investees to measure their impact, focusing on impact in funding decisions, and including monitoring and evaluation costs in their funding. They also need to decide how they measure their own impact. This strand of Inspiring Impact’s work is led by the Association of Charitable Foundations.

The Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice provides practical guidance for funders to promote good impact practice amongst the organisations and people they support. It was developed through sector-wide public consultation. Funders can show their support for the principles.

In addition to these five strands of work, we have two more opportunities for charities, social enterprises and funders to get involved in Inspiring Impact: becoming an Impact Champion  or a Sub-sector Partner .


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