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Powerful ways to share your impact data

Here’s some new guidance on what you can do with the results of your impact and outcomes measurement.

If you’ve gone through the effort of measuring the difference you make, you won’t want your data to just sit on a shelf – its real power is in how you use it, and share it.

Check out our new how-to guides on reporting your results:

And our three new guides on sharing and using the results:

Case study: Youth Music’s impact journey

Youth Music is a national funder offering grants for music programmes for children and young people in challenging circumstances. Set up in 1999, they believe in the power of music to bring about social and personal development. Youth Music offers funding through three different programmes that vary in length and size of grant; they gave away £9.2 million in 2014-15. Youth Music is an impact champion for the Inspiring Impact programme.

Youth Music have been working on their impact practice since 2000. Carol Reid and Nick Wilsdon, programme director and learning and evaluation manager respectively at Youth Music, co-produced this impact case study with Sarah Menzies from NCVO Charities Evaluation Services.

Download the case study

Subsector partnerships: How Sported engaged its members to improve their impact practice

The subsector partnerships are projects between Inspiring Impact (II) and organisations with significant reach in a subsector of the third sector to create new programmes with the potential to enhance impact practice throughout their field.

This subsector project was supported by Inspiring Impact partners New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) and Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) to develop an offering that will help its members engage in better impact practice.

In this report we review the project – Fit for Impact (FFI) – used Inspiring Impact resources combined with FFI Volunteers and peer support workshops (known as learning clusters) to guide a pilot group through eight months of support to enhance their impact practice. Download the report


Shared measurement: Greater than the sum of its parts

February 2016

Shared measurement involves charities that work towards similar goals reaching a common understanding of what to measure, and developing the tools to do so.

Three years on from the Blueprint for shared measurement, we have re-visited some of the approaches featured in the report—as well as identifying new examples—to highlight how shared measurement data is being used to drive change and improvement.

In this report, we discuss the benefits and challenges associated with shared measurement. Through analysis of twenty approaches, we examine how it is developed and draw lessons for future initiatives. Download the report >

Building a movement: Review of the Inspiring Impact programme

August 2015

To mark the three years since the programme’s launch and to look ahead to the next the next three years, NPC conducted a review of Inspiring Impact on behalf of the programme’s partners.

Building a movement summarises the review’s findings, outlines the progress of the Inspiring Impact programme so far, and highlights opportunities for the future development of the programme. Download the report >

The future of shared measurement

July 2014

As impact measurement increases in priority for charities, shared measurement is also becoming more prominent. This report reviews developments in shared measurement following Inspiring Impact’s Blueprint for shared measurement and identifies opportunities for embedding shared measurement approaches in new sectors. Read more and download the report >

The Journey to Employment

Updated April 2014

Tackling youth unemployment is a priority. Nearly 1.4 million young people are not in employment, full-time education or training—almost 1 in 5 of all young people in the UK. This report helps organisations that work with young people understand and measure the impact they have on the journey to employment. Read more and download the report > 

Code of Good Impact Practice

June 2013

The Code of Good Impact Practice provides broad, agreed guidelines for focusing on impact. It sets out a cycle of impact practice and a series of high level principles to follow. Each principle includes a brief description of how your impact practice would look if you were applying the principle, an explanation of why it is important and some ideas about how to implement it. Read more and download the report >

Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice

June 2013

Funders have a critical role to play in shaping behaviour around impact practice. Their approach and support strongly influences practice among their grantees and investees. This framework is designed to encourage good impact practice and to offer practical and useful guidance for funders, and to help funders promote good impact practice amongst the organisations and people they support. Read more and download the report >

A good practice case study report

May 2013

Learning from examples is a key part of embedding an impact approach into your organisation’s work. Evaluation Support Scotland has produced a short report profiling three organisations in Scotland with a pioneering approach to impact measurement to help others identify what good impact measurement looks like. Read more and download the report >

Are you leading for impact?

April 2013

As part of our work on impact leadership, ACEVO have produced this document based on five questions for voluntary sector leaders. Including a number of case studies of organisations that have successfully implemented an impact approach, and outlining the benefits this can bring, the paper is designed to help charity sector leaders to make the case for investing in impact. Read more and download the report >

Blueprint for shared measurement

March 2013

Shared measurement involves charities and social enterprises working on similar issues, and towards similar goals, reaching a common understanding of what to measure, and developing the tools to do so. The Blueprint for shared measurement explores what makes a successful shared measurement approach, and outlines the benefits and challenges associated with shared measurement. Read more and download the report >

List of measurement tools and systems

October 2012

As part of our work on data, tools and systems, Substance gathered information about more than 130 measurement tools and systems. Download an excel spreadsheet containing their details here >

Inspiring impact: Working together for a bigger impact in the UK social sector

December 2011

Inspiring Impact sets out the current state of impact measurement in the social sector, and outlines how the participants in September 2011’s Impact Summit plan to inspire change and increase the focus on impact to help more charities and funders to make the most positive difference. Download the report >