Inspiring Impact Blueprint for Shared Measurement


Inspiring Impact’s work on shared measurement aims to develop common indicators and tools for specific fields or interventions to help share and compare results, methods and lessons, and identify the most effective solutions.

Key Facts

Developer / Author Eibhl n N "g in, Marina Svistak and Lucy de Las Casas
Owner Inspiring Impact
1st Released 2013
Phone Number +44 (0) 207 620 4897
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Typical Usage Once only
Initial Financial Commitment FREE

Peer Review

The document was reviewed extensively by partners within the Inspiring Impact programme and by a wider consultative group of funders and delivery organisations


The report outlines the many benefits of shared measurement: improvements in standards of impact measurement, greater consistency and comparability, greater understanding of what works, saving time and resources, less duplication in reporting to funders, and the ability to track beneficiaries through many services. But there are also challenges, which are explore in the report.


Inspiring Impact partners and NPC in particular are able to support organisations interested in implementing a shared measurement approach within their sector.

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