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Inspiring Impact is an international collaborative programme, working with the charity sector to help organisations know what to measure and how to measure.

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The future of shared measurement

Based on our experiences of developing shared measurement tools, we explain our
framework for assessing if a sector is an appropriate candidate for shared measurement. This sets out criteria, including indicators of drivers and barriers to shared measurement. We also show the results of using this criteria by looking at three sectors—disability and employment, youth citizenship, and transitions for older people—and seeing how they compare. Read more and download the report >

The Code of Good Impact Practice

The Code of Good Impact Practice provides broad, agreed guidelines for focusing on impact. It sets out a cycle of impact practice and a series of high level principles to follow. Each principle includes a brief description of how your impact practice would look if you were applying the principle, an explanation of why it is important and some ideas about how to implement it. We are delighted to announce that the Code has also now been translated for our Welsh speaking colleagues. Read more and download the report >

Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice

Funders have a critical role to play in shaping behaviour around impact practice. Their approach and support strongly influences practice among their grantees and investees. This framework is designed to encourage good impact practice and to offer practical and useful guidance for funders, and to help funders promote good impact practice amongst the organisations and people they support. Read more and download the report >

News & Events

News: The journey to employment continues

It’s been quite a journey. Ever since we launched the first version of the Journey to Employment (JET) framework in May last year, we’ve been inundated with interest from youth organisations using it to measure their impact. Over the past year, we’ve been busy holding roundtables, talking to experts and piloting the framework with a range of organisations—Acknowledging Youths, Blackpool Council, Cambridge House, East London Business Alliance (ELBA), Fluency and vInspired. Now we’ve launched a refreshed version, incorporating new outcomes and measures based on feedback from these different activities. Read more >

News: Inspiring Impact in Wales

We are delighted to see the Code of Good Impact Practice translated for our Welsh speaking colleagues and hope they will also benefit from its clear guidelines as they seek to improve the way they think about and understand the impact of their workRead more >

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